Christian Langballe
+45 31101318

That's my 'one-word' advice to you.

Start, do your best, and finish.
That's the extended version.

Take it from a creative strategist, writer, editor, tour manager, artist, two-time dad, dog owner, curious guy based in Copenhagen, who've now spend 45 years starting and finishing stuff. Along the way, I've been a part of starting a record company, two creative agencies, several businesses, and a music festival. I've had a venue, I've designed and produced furniture, I was a part of making the very first mobile app for Roskilde Festival - a stunning success coded in Java for feature phones that had 46 users that first year. I transcend creative disciplines and have been recognized with a variety of awards including a Danish Music Award (equivalent to a Grammy), Best International Photobook of the Year Award plus numerous international and national awards for advertising and digital work. 

To me, being creative is a form of restlessness. It's in you, or it's not. Restlessness will power, and the ability to create will get you started. Once started, you have to lean in and give you best. Really! Don't just launch something - launch something that can change people's perspective, help them in their everyday life, make them wonder, or put a smile on their face. Being creative is more that liking something or finding common grounds with likeminded. It's the ability to dislike things, to be picky, to be curious. It's restlessness that makes me start, does my absolute best, and finishes. 

I'm Creative Director & Partner at Hello Great Works, a creative studio combining magic, logic, and bravery to solve problems and make people‚Äôs lives a little easier and more delightful.